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Monday, August 29, 2005

Techno Overload

Bring On The Technology:

This year started off to a fast start with a nice Christmas in August at the NMI. We were blessed with many new gadgets that are sure to help us fully understand the concepts of mobile media. I immediately began to familiarize myself with the PowerBook G4 and working with the iPod photo. Being a PC user for about 12 years, this was the first time that I had really used a Mac before. (It sure is awesome though!) Also, after having an iPod Shuffle for quite some time, it was a pleasant suprise to finally be able to work with the real iPod.

I spent several hours learning the ins and outs of working with the iPod. I transferred music, pictures, and some calendar events to the device. I then searched the iTunes directory and subscribed to several podcasts that caught my attention. I have been amazed at the selection of Podcasts already available.

Using GarageBand I recorded my first official podcast. I downloaded Apple's ChapterTool utility and began experimenting with adding chapters to create a more enhanced podcasts. Several applications are avaialble for download to assist one in creating enhanced podcasts. After trying several, Podcast AV seemed to be the easiest one to use.

To put everything together I created yet another Podcast that describes my experiences at a summer camp in Maine.

To subscribe with iTunes, please follow this link:

Use this link to subsribe with other aggregators (iPodder etc):

Useful Links

Apple's ChapterTool Command Line Editor. Essential for creating enhanced podcasts.

Podcast AV: For creation of enhanced podcasts

Great summary of easy to do podcasting:

Important Notes!
- Picturese in podcasts should be kept to 300 x 300 pixels.
- Remember that iTunes 4.9 is the only version that accepts enhanced podcasts.

Welcome Mobile Media Friends!

Welcome to GoMobile Media! Throughout the next few months this will be your place to check up on all the updates going on with Mobile Media Scholars and the New Media Institute at the University of Georgia.

Have fun!