Mobile Media Update

Monday, September 26, 2005

Nokia is da bomb!

On Friday the Mobile Media Scholars and Dr. Shamp went to Atlanta to tour Nokia's facilities. We met with several members of the Nokia team including Merji Khorchidian. They showed us some of the latest Nokia phones and some of the technologies/networks that make phone communications possible. I was impressed with their professionalism, expertise, and the positive energy they showed us about our possible student projects.

Shamp's Dream is getting super close to becoming a reality. This week I found out that QuickReach is able to push not only WAP pages but HTML pages as well. This will help us out for easier coding in the future.

To check out the latest on our project just send a text message to the shortcode ATHENS (284367) with the message of "info" or anything else.


1. We have talked about it before, but it has never been blogged about. Let us create a mobile learning environment! A professor could stream video or audio to cell phones immediately after the lecture. Text messages could be used for communication for important class information such as tests and quizzes.

2. Real Estate Bluetoothing: Making the decision to buy a home is a obviously a big one. Imagine walking through a spec home in an upperclass neighborhood. After taking a look around the house you walk out the front door. A bluetooth device will send you a video with all the details of the house you just looked at.

Thursday, September 22, 2005


Wednesday afternoon we slaved for hours (kinda) trying to get this text messaging dream working in QuickReach. Finally we have technical success!

If you have a Cingular cell phone, send a message to 284367 with any message and QuickReach will push to you a service message containing anything from a HTML Page, WAP page, Image, or even a straight 3gp file. Try out out!

In future attempts of QuickReaching, please note the following key details.

1. Make sure to specify the user 284367 (shortcode Athens) when sending WAP messages
2. When sending any broadcast message, make sure to configure the AddressList appropriately.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Progress! O yah!

Wouldn't it be cool if you could get video on a cell phone? Well look...Chris (the supreme server configure"er") has managed to get video to play on the 6620 using the default browser. Check It Out! We are one step closer to Shamp's ultimate dream. It seems as if we can get videos streaming from the QuickTime server at NMI, but it is still not configured correctly.

This week I also became familiar with writing WML pages. Although they are pretty cool, it seems as if most of the new phones will be able to intepret good ole HTML files. Check out the simple WAP page I created using WML here:

I spent a good amount of time reading up on QuickReach technology and also familiarized myself with sending WAP push messages. Hendrik has compiled a nice reference guide for easy WAP pushing. Check it out here:

I am waiting to logon to the main QuickReach site so I can begin experimenting with the text message dream. The modules seem to be working we just need to put it all together.

MMI Time!

1. PSP Learning! Sony's Playstation Portable is capable of playing all types of media files. It is even more portable than a laptop and more user friendly than a PDA and sometimes even a cell phone. Using the PSP we could easily create video/virtual tours that can be taken around in hand to different sites. With crisp video and audio on demand, the PSP could be a great virtual tour guide! The built in wireless connection will also allow for internet content to be displayed easily. (O yah...we could also mount this on the segway)

2. Cell PhotoCasting! The online service WebShots allows desktop users to recieve daily wallpapers that update automatically. I am constantly changing the wallpaper (image) on my cell phone. Wouldn't it be neat if I could subscribe to a service on my phone that would download a different/new wallpaper every day? This would be called PhotoCasting! Cingular customers could enter their phone number, and basically QuickReach could deliver this daily content in the form of WAP push messages containing image links. Simple, easy, cool.

3. Gotta Love Ebay. "Mobile Listing" for sellers. This idea is a long shot but it stems from one of my earliest NMI projects. Using the 6620 you could photograph your item and then immediately be able to list it on auction. Some day you will never have to sit down at a computer to list an item.

More to come!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Bluetooth Fairy...And Videos!

This week I was charged to accomplish many different tasks with all these cool gadgets that we have. After getting the new SIM chips for the Nokia 6620, I spent a good amount of time familiarizing myself with the amazing cellular device. Within minutes I was shooting pictures and video on the phone and bluetoothing them to just about any device that would accept it.

I also became familiar with the new iSight camera. After finally mounting it to the PowerBook I soon was conversing with friends on iChat and shooting short movies in iMovie. Using QuickTime Pro, I could easily transfer video files back and forth from the PowerBook to the cell phone.

Keeping podcasting on my mind, I also wanted to find out exactly which methods were suitable for recording audio to create any type of podcast. To view my detailed findings, please navigate your browser to the following link:

MMI Time!

From now on I will be using the acronym MMI throughout my blog. Although you may think it stands for Michael's Marvelous Intuition, it actually refers to what I would like to simply put as a Mobile Media Idea! Several MMI's have been popping up in my head lately.

MMI 1: The website How Stuff Works ( is a website dedicated to providing clear and reliable explanations on how stuff in this world actually work. Wouldn't it be a great idea to have enhanced podcasts or Pod Guides on the website to help show how things work?

MMI 2: Just like Shamp's Ultimate Dream, we could somehow push WAP messages to cell phones in a classlike setting. Send BIO 1101 to the shortcode Athens and recieve weekly updates such as Exam's dates, study sessions, cancelled classes etc for Biology class (or any class for that matter). Lazy students would love this!

MMI 3: Just for laughs! Take a large plastic box/container and place it strategically on the sidewalk in downtown Athens. Inside the big box put a nice fluffly pillow. Underneath the pillow will be a tooth. A Bluetooth server that is! This could be known as the "Bluetooth Fairy." Techno savvy consumers could approach this box on a daily basis to recieve updated promotions, advertisements, or announcements from various downtown merchants in the form of pictures, audio files, messages, or even movies. Think about it.

Last week we brought up the idea of using PDA's or old laptops as Bluetooth servers sitting in store fronts that could be used to push advertising to downtown merchants. This idea really caught my eye (I am an advertising major.) Customers with cell phones, PDA's, or even laptops could recieve real time JPEG coupons, Video Advertisements, or audio commercials all while they are in immediate proximity of that certain shop. What a great way to draw and keep customers! Privacy problems may arise, so we would have to be certain to watch out for that.

Until next time...

Friday, September 09, 2005

A Little About Me...

Hello Everyone...
My name is Michael Lentz and I am an advertising major within the Grady College at the University of Georgia. I am expecting to graduate in the Spring of 2006. Throughout the years, I have completed several New Media Projects working with several different technologies. Last semester we ran a campaign called UGA Dream Date that used text messaging to pair two daters based on similar preferences. Using Cingular's Quickreach technology, we successfully ran an entire campaign using just text messaging!

Mobile media has changed our lives significantly in just the past 3 years. I especially like working with iPods (podcasting etc) and cell phone possibilities. They are the future!

My ultimate dream is to create an interactive adavertising firm that would deliver content to mobile media devices.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

PodGuides: Here We come!

This week I concentrated even more on learning the ins and outs of podcasting, pod guides, and everything that is iPod. Our main assignment for this week was to produce a working enhanced podcast that detailed a portion of downtown Athens near the intersection of College Ave. and Clayton St. I worked on compiling information about several restaurants located along Broad street just adjacent to College Ave.

Because most people do not have unlimited technological resources (unlike NMI students), I wanted to prove that I could make a podcast with just my PowerBook G4. Using GarageBand again, I recorded all the audio necessary to create the pod guide. Pictures were taken using the new Canon EOS Rebel digital camera (which is awesome!), edited in Photoshop and once again I easily added the chapters to the podcast using Podcast AV.

One thing that became very apparent this week. Technology is easy to use. It is easy to write an XML file, it is easy to record some simple audio, but it is the CONTENT that is hard to produce. For a podguide to become successfull, content has to be king!

During the football game on Saturday, I noticed several key things that could be important. I saw camera phones EVERYWHERE! The picture idea could work, and I think it would work well. Since iPods were on my mind, I also thought that it would be a neat idea to have a detailed Pod Guide tour of the stadium. What a great way to learn about the field, the players, and the history of Georgia football and Sanford Stadium.

To subscribe to my last Broad St. podguide, please follow this link.