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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

iPod Mapping!

Hello from Scholarland NMI!

Well this week has had me filled with many different little tasks.

I tweaked the remaining portion of QuickReach so that the Downtown Dream should operate correctly for the downtown businesses that we have already set up. I also spent a good portion of time trying to determine any (if there are any) input methods that QuickReach can handle. Our goal is basically trying to send an email to QuickReach so that it can spit back results according to what the user has specified. (Basically we want to make QuickReach think that a message is coming from a phone, when in actuality it is coming from a computer/email message.) It appears as if the system is not set up to handle any such email/text inputs. (But I am not giving up)

I stumbled upon a common trend for iPods on the internet earlier at this website:

Thousands of UGA students and faculty own iPods, and thousands of these people want to know how to navigate the UGA bus system. Lets get UGA bus maps on iPods!

I think this will be a project that is a MUST do! Not only will it be easy to complete, but it can grant us instant publicity.


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