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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Operation Athens SMS

This past week I focosued a little bit less on the cool technologies that we have learned and a little bit more on the logistics and organizational hierarchy of the entire Athens SMS project. I went about finding info on a smooth running Athens SMS by conducting a "non scientific" study amongst my closest friends.

I wanted to figure out the simplest way of getting information from a given source. In quick summary this is what I have concluded about the Athens SMS project so far.

1. Users will ALWAYS send text messages to the shortcode 284367 (Athens)

2. Users must be a part of the Cingular wireless network

3. Unrecognized responses will always be sent to the Athens SMS "Homepage" that will include links for Food, Music, Shopping, Bars, etc

Here is a short list of items that "stranger's" can input in order to recieve info on athens.

info - Straight to Athens SMS homepage [HTML w/pics & links]
food - Links to restaurants [Video with "My Top Restaurants"]
music - Links to Music Venus [Video with "This weeks music entertainment]
shop - Links to stores suitable for shopping/perusing [Video with special shop of the week]

Individual shops, restaurants, and music venus will each have a personal page that can be accessesd by typing the following. (Usually will be just the name of the store, but some will be abbreviated for convenience or necessity.)

barberitos - Barberitos
jimmy - Jimmy John's
mia - Mia Madonna
italy - Littly Italy
40watt - 40 Watt Club
theater - Georgia Theater

On another note, I think it is a must that we focus some of our attention on creating a side project for vodcasting. Apple is expecting to release an iPod with video capabilites very very shortly! Lets get on this bandwagon!

I know I am slow at getting around to this one, but I finally created a blog where I could send pictures from my cell phone to blogger. Check out the many hot pictures at the follwing site.


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