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Monday, November 14, 2005

Good Afternoon NMI

I am covering several different topics in today's post. It must mean that I have been working hard.

1. Tech News
Well it looks like AOL has entered into the world of television as it is going to offer thousands of hours of television programming FREE over the internet. This is going to give Apple some nice competition for its $1.99 per episode television from its iTunes store.
Read the full article here.

The Dutch want to use SMS messaging to alert its residents in the event of a disaster. That seems pretty cool. I wouldnt want to look forward to getting a text message telling me that my entire block is going to blow up, BUT, it could save some lives. Looks like text messaging can be used for lots of different things.
Check it out the full article.

2. Athens SMS Progress

Well the system is 100% functional. Send a text message to the shortcode 284367 with a message containing info, shop, music, or food and you should be able to see everything. BUT! I am still in the process of recording and editing/uploading the videos. During the demonstration at the end of the semester I have also decided that I want to use the N90 phones to show this stuff off. The browser seems to display my HTML pages cleaner and easier.

3. Healthcare in Athens!

I have done a little research online about healthcare issues in Athens. Check out some of the stuff I have found.
[ Healthcare in Athens ]


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